"She was unbound in the Carter, dispelling any notion of Carter as dry or academic. She proved her full range - technically, expressively, and with a great sense of uncovering for the listener why this music is important."
Inquirer Classical Music Critic/Peter Dobrin
Luosha Fang completely characterized each of the six movements of Ligeti’s Sonata for Solo Viola, from the lyrical “Hora lungǎ,” with its quarter-tones and natural harmonics high on the C string, to the final “Chaconne chromatique,” whose angst-ridden harmonies she balanced with graceful lilt.
San Francisco Classical Voice/REBECCA WISHNIA
"Luosha Fang and Eunice Kim home in on the music’s sweetly tragic tone and the Albany Symphony play with finesse and emotional heft for David Alan Miller."
Gramophone /Andrew Farach-Colton
"The most flamboyant soloist was Luosha Fang, mostly interested in a dialogue with the orchestra and the audience, moving around the stage like an actor..."
CLASSICAL 90.5 WUOL/ Daniel Gilliam
"Recitals tend to be constructed to show off the recitalist - this piece for technical flash, that one to highlight a capacity for expressivity and thought. But for her Philadelphia recital debut Sunday afternoon at the Trinity Center, violinist Luosha Fang assembled ideas to bounce off one another."
Inquirer Classical Music Critic/Peter Dobrin
"Between Moffett's spirited leadership of that concerto and Luosha Fang's blazing violin solos on the concluding Fourth, this proved a terrific coming-out party for some of the young guest musicians (...) in the SPCO this season...."
St. Paul Pioneer Press/Rob Hubbard
"The style was set by the refined, pleasingly subdued playing of the violinist, Luosha Fang..."
Berkshire Fine Arts/Michael Miller
"For me the high point of Monday evening was Mozart's F major String Quartet, K. 590 (...) Believe me, you won't hear better Mozart playing that what came off her (Luosha Fang) violin..."
Local Arts Live/Tim Bosworth
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